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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Most Time When Advertise on Blog

A number of readers have asked the above question in the past few weeks and so I thought it was time I shared my own approach to the decision of when to start running ads on a blog when launching.

There are two dominant camps of opinion on this question – both of which have things going for them:

1. Run Ads from Day 1 – The basic thinking behind this approach is that if you’re thinking of running ads at some point you might as well integrate them from day one. The reasons include:
  • Reader Expectations – starting a blog with no ads and then adding them later means running the risk of disillusioning readers whose expectations are that the blog is and always will be ‘ad free’. Some readers feel very strongly about this and to change the rules mid stream can cause problems. Start with ads from the beginning and you set the expectations from the start and don’t have to manage a transition from no ads to ads later on.
  • Consistent Design – running ads from the beginning of your blog means that you design your blog (or have it designed by a blogger) with ads already integrated into it. This means that you don’t need to do a redesign later on to add ads but already have them built in.
  • Earnings – my first blogs were ad free for almost 18 months before I discovered AdSense. While in the early days I didn’t do massive traffic I was doing some and those blogs could well have earned a little money each day. Of course a little each day for 18 months can add up to a significant amount. Put ads on your blog from the start and you’ll begin to see money from the early days. it might not be a lot but you might be surprised.
  • Ad Optimisation Education – run ads on your blog from day one and you begin a process of educating yourself about how to make money from advertising earlier – you also get your blog optimised well from the start. Most of us learn best ‘on the job’ rather than by just reading ‘theory’ or experiences of others. The great thing about starting early with advertising is that you can experiment and try different techniques without too many people seeing the mistakes that you make a long the way. This means that by the time the traffic does role in you can have your ads optimised well already – something that’s sure to pay off.
2. Establish Readership and Then Run Ads – This argument is basically that if you put ads on your blog from day 1 that you potentially turn people off your blog because it will look too commercial or too much of a money grab.

The thought is that you can gradually add advertisements later once you’ve established a sizeable readership and Search Engine presence.

While I understand the reasoning behind bloggers taking this approach I don’t use it myself. For the reasons I’ve outlined in the first approach above I tend to add ads from day 1.

Having said this when I do this I tend to take a pretty subtle approach with ad placement and design in the early days. You can see this with my AdSense placement over on my newest blog Digital Photography School where I use a blended approach and limit the number of ads per page to 1, unless it’s a longer page where I have two.

This may well change as the blog establishes it’s readership (currently it’s sitting on around 1000 visitors a day). In the months ahead I plan to introduce a purpose built professional design to that blog and will use that opportunity to reposition ads in a slightly more prominent position where they are likely to perform a little better. In the mean time however they are there and readers know that they are a part of the site – they also have earned me a nice little income from day one and have taught me a thing or two about what does and doesn’t work in terms of placement and design on this blog.

It seems that every occupation has different criteria that people need to follow in order to work in their chosen field. Many different occupations require testing in order to be certified or licensed in that area. In most cases this is a very good thing because it provides for some consistency in knowledge amongst the people that enter the occupation. It is a good way to measure that the person has learned what they need to be in that line of work.

In some occupations you need to be licensed by the state you are working in and for other occupations there is a general examination that is accepted in all the states. My daughters have found that not all states have similar laws when it comes to the board of nursing. Both of my daughters obtained their nursing degrees from the same university. Once they graduated with their degree they contacted the board of nursing to take their examinations. Once they passed the exam they were considered registered nurses. They both passed and started working in the state we live in. My older daughter met a young man and got married. They needed to relocate to Texas for his job. My daughter contacted the board of nursing in Texas to inquire about taking the nursing exam. She was told that as long as she had proof that she is a registered nurse she could work in nursing in Texas. She was relieved that she did not have to retake the board exam. They moved and within a month she was working for a clinic that was located a few miles from the home they were renting.

My other daughter decided that she wanted to make some big money and see the country at the same time. She signed up for the traveling nurse program. This is for professionals in the medical field that are willing to go where there is a shortage of staff. The pay is high and some of the locations were appealing to my daughter. It seemed like a great job for a single person. Once she signed up she found out that not every state accepts the registration from our state. Some states did and others required that you took the examination for their particular state. She contacted the board of nursing and complained about the inconsistency. They agreed with her, but explained that at this time there is not a national registry for nurses. This is something that is being worked on. Once this would be established a nurse can take a national examination and work any where in the country. This seems like it will be a more organized way of helping nurses find work in other states.

Anyone with a camera needs to have a case. Though some cameras are very small, they still could use some protection. The camera that I have is very awkward in shape, but I wouldn’t exchange it for any other type. However, to get the camera case that was made just for my camera, I would have had to spend a lot of money. Instead, I went out to find something else, and I was glad that I did. The one I got is not perfect, but it does work.

The one I found is a generic camera case that is square, though my camera is not. This meant that I had to buy a larger size to fit my lens inside, but even then, the fit is kind of tight. However, it does help, and it also have a strap. Besides the padding to protect the camera, the most important part of the camera case just might be the strap. It has to be long enough to sling over your shoulder, if that is what you wish, or at least long enough to fit over your wrist. It also has to be durable. You don’t want the strap to break while your camera is inside, even if it does have great cushioning.

Lately I have noticed that many new styles of camera case look more and more like a purse, and they may even double as such. These are for girls, of course, and seem to be aimed at the younger crowd. The ones I saw were pink, purple, and blue, and were covered with rhinestones. They were certainly cute, but I’m not sure that they are something that I want to walk around with any time soon. Some of them also had a pocket for a cell phone, but it was a little small for mine anyway.

If you are looking for a new camera case, but you don’t want something that looks too young or too much like the tired old bag, you can find some really neat and updated versions of the camera bag on eBay and other shopping sites that have that sort of thing. Like laptop bags, they come in all types. Some are stylish, and others are fun. They also come in colors if you can find them, and they are all pretty much the same when it comes to their main purpose. They are still made to fit the cameras of today, but they are made to be just a bit more fun.

Ultimately the decision to add advertising to a blog is one that can only be made by an individual as they look at their blog’s goals. My approach will not work for everyone.

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